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Creativity can support you

At Creative Companion, Artist Sandra Bouguerch uses creativity to help support individuals and groups to access their creative abilities. Sandra actively inspires and motivates individuals who may not yet be aware of their potential and the therapeutic benefits creative outlets provide. Sandra along with support offers recommendations and feedback. For general inquiries or anything else you wish to know, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Artist Sandra Bouguerch has years of experience

Sandra provides individual and group activities to help you work reach your full potential. Visual creation can be very healing, increasing confidence and broadening new ways of thinking and at Creative Companion focuses on this process. Sandra is patient, calm and understanding and will do everything she can to help you reach and accomplish your goals. Please check out reviews to see what others have been saying.

Creative Support in Greater Manchester

Through creative work Creative Companion supports your mind, body, and spirit. Sandra has years of experience, with the dedication to help you on your journey. Contact Sandra to discuss the various ways of how concepts and creating can improve and bring additional joy to your life.


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